Kyäni Targeted Nutritionals

Focused nutrition to support your body’s specific needs

Kyäni’s Targeted Nutritionals are comprised of several products designed to make it easy for you to get the nutrition your body needs most. Whether you’re looking for collagen support, post-workout performance protein, or both, Kyäni FIT20 and HL5 are the answer! Need a smart energy shot packed with brain-boosting nootropics? Kyäni ON delivers clarity, focus, and energy in a convenient bottle!



FIT20 is an all-natural, zero sugar, post-workout protein blend made from grass-fed whey protein isolate and grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen that delivers the nutrients athletes and active people require for lean muscle building, faster workout recovery, and long-term, nitric oxide production.

Better recovery, better results!

FIT bag


Hydrolyzed grass-fed whey protein isolate
Supports healthy muscle growth and fat burning
Hydrolyzed grass-fed collagen peptides
Helps maintain healthy skin, hair, joints, and bones
L-citruline malate 2:1
Aids in the long-term production of nitric oxide, aids in response to soreness and fatigue
L-carnitine tartrate
Aids in the production of nitric oxide, aids healthy muscle repair and soreness response, aids in energy production from stored fat
Black pepper extract
Enhances nutrient bioavailability

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HL5 is a natural, on-the-go hydrolyzed collagen protein boost designed for maximum absorption to support healthy joints, skin, and hair as well as build lean muscle, optimize fat metabolism, and provide long lasting energy with only 25 calories and 0 grams of sugar.

Invest in your health now, so you can enjoy it in the future. Add HL5 to your daily healthy living routine!

HL5 Flavors


Hydrolyzed collagen
Helps maintain healthy skin, hair, joints, and bones
Chicory root extract
Acts as a prebiotic for improved absorption
Fern extract
Aids in digestion and absorption, healthy inflammatory response, powerful antioxidant
Apple cider vinegar
Natural antimicrobial, aids in digestion and absorption, helps maintain healthy skin, and blood sugar
Powerful antioxidant, UV protection
Sodium hyaluronate
Helps maintain healthy skin

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ON: Optimized Nootropics

Turn ON your brain

Kyäni ON was developed to provide you with naturally sourced energy that keeps you going strong with a clear, focused mind. It combines 100 mg of caffeine from the guarana fruit with Kyäni’s proprietary blend of nootropics to support mental focus and brain health. With ON you can say goodbye to your afternoon slump and hello to focused, clear-headed productivity.

ON Bottles


Supports brain function
Cognizin® Citicoline
Supports attention, focus, and recall
Blue Ginger Extract
Helps amplify and sustain energy from caffeine without any jitters
Heightens mental acuity and promotes concentration
Acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain
Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Supports brain health and memory
Vitamin B Complex
Includes vitamins that are essential for energy metabolism

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Nutrient-Dense Meal Replacement

Kyäni Core140+ is a nutrient-dense meal replacement shake that goes beyond just the basic macronutrients by providing organic greens, digestive enzymes, probiotics, natural vitamins and

minerals, organic fiber, and adaptogens. With Core140+, you’ll discover balanced, wholesome nutrition that’s incredibly convenient.


Grass-Fed Whey and Milk Protein Isolates
Supports muscle growth, assists with weight maintenance and loss, and helps keep you satisfied
18 Organic Greens (including chlorella, spirulina, and milk thistle)
Complements your diet and provides plant-based nutrients and antioxidants
Organic Fiber Blend (Inulin, chia seed powder, flaxseed)
Supports healthy digestion and helps keep you fuller, longer
25 Enzymes and Probiotics
Assists with the digestion and absorption of nutrients and supports a healthy gut microbiome
80 All-Natural Vitamins and Minerals
Provides important nutrients that are completely water extracted and standardized from organic fruits and vegetables
1600 mg of Adaptogens (maca, maitake, cordyceps, shitake)
Helps the body adapt to stress and fight off oxidative stress
Apple (Wild Malus) Extract
Supports belly fat loss

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Kyäni Origin™ is a natural, macronutrient-balanced shake featuring a premium plant-based protein blend made from fava beans, peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to support strong muscles, help fuel metabolism, help maintain a healthy weight, and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Origin also helps you achieve the Nitro Effect™ by providing the building blocks your body needs to produce nitric oxide, which helps you get the most of its quality plant-based nutrients. Whether you are looking to live healthier each day or you’re ready to elevate your active lifestyle, feel good knowing that Origin’s nutrients come from the source of all great nutrition—nature!*

Origin Bags


Exclusive Protein Blend
Supports strong muscles and healthy weight; healthy alternative to animal-based proteins
L-citrulline malate 2
Aids in the long-term production of nitric oxide, aids in response to soreness and fatigue
Prebiotic Blend
Fibers from apple, bamboo, chicory, and milled flaxseed; promotes healthy gut flora
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)
Supports sustained energy

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